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Life Coaching

Sometimes when life starts to get overwhelming, we may feel stuck or we know that we need to change something, yet we can't pin point what it is that we need.  

By creating time for yourself to witness the patterns that are no longer serving you, a coaching session will help you connect to the root causes and experiences that may be holding you back and help you look at life from a broader perspective.

Working together will give you the opportunity to learn how to release the lifestyles of exhaustion, anxiety, constant busy, and endless task lists.  Connect to your own intuition, build confidence in who you are and find peace within yourself!

Misty Sunbeams

Yoga beyond Asana

Asana (physical postures) has certainly made its mark here in the West.  My goal is to remove assumptions around the physical exercise of Yoga.  Yoga as a full system, is meant to reduce the mind chatter and bring a level of clarity to every day life.  Learn tools for your body, mind and spirit in the comfort of a one on one session.  It is important to know that yoga is for EVERYONE, even if it takes time and courage to find the right fit.  

If you have experienced the positive effects from yoga classes and want to move towards a deeper understanding of why it works, a private or group session can take your yoga to the next level! 

Sunset Yoga

Group Events

Still wondering if this is something that would work for you?  Get your group of friends, family and any support together to ask questions!  Change is HARD...get your support network on the same page to encourage each other and help lift each other in tough times.  


All you have to do is show up!  I will lead an information session on energy systems and how it impacts us physically and mentally every day.  I will offer the opportunity for a short, guided-visualization that you can participate in to experience some techniques.  I will explain how to identify responses in your body and incorporate simple changes to guide you on your journey to cultivate a new lifestyle! 

Group Picture


Reiki is a beautiful way of regaining balance and identifying where you need to spend time healing.  As a reiki practitioner, my goal is to help assist you on your journey.  Everyone will experience reiki in their own way.  Reiki means universal life-force energy.  In our culture, we don't really have a way of describing vital energy, whereas some ancient cultures were based around preserving their energy!  The more aware you become of this subtle energy in your life, the more you will be able to manage your energy levels and find more grace as you navigate your life.  

The best way to understand reiki, is to experience it!  I am always willing to answer any questions you may have.  

* Some of my clients have shared their experiences under testimonials to help offer perspective on what a session may be like. 

Divine Healing


Asana in yoga is meant to prepare the physical body to sit comfortably while in meditation. I have noticed among clients some misconceptions of what meditation is "supposed" to be or wanting to know if they are "doing it right".  

I will guide you through the benefits of meditation, the tools to make it easier for you when starting a practice, and find longer moments of peace and gratitude in your life.  


Often times, I find that people avoid being alone with their own thoughts. This may be a signal of having unresolved issues that could make it challenging to commit to a practice. Just as our physical body needs exercise and strength, we also need to build mental habits that create peace and clarity.  This is why coaching and/or reiki may be a good starting point. 

People who work at meditation, would never say it doesn't work; and those that don't work at it, easily say it doesn't work.  

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