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About 15 years ago, I was needing a change in my life - but unsure where to start.  Feng Shui proved to be just what I needed.  I was ready for change!  As I started to implement a few techniques, I started seeing positive changes; from changes in my career, relationships, finances and overall well-being!  

Soon after those subtle changes, Yoga naturally found its place in my life and I felt a very similar response as with Feng Shui.  Through all of my studies, I have come to realize, there aren't isolated energies, but one energy source and many languages and ways of discussing and working with this vital energy source. Overall, the goal is to find peace, balance and harmony in life. 

I live in Wilmington with my husband, Hash, and two children, Keilani and Noa. Some of my most beautiful moments in life, have come from a place of ease and balance that these tools have provided me.  Even in some of the most stressful moments, knowing how to have perspective and bring clarity to the situation has provided a sense of confidence.  Having been able to offer some tools and techniques in our community by helping people change how they experience life has been amazing!  I love connecting with people one-on-one and seeing first hand the shift that is possible when they are open and ready to do the work! 


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