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2021 ... let's make it great!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Last year was certainly one we will all remember! I am hoping that in these early months of 2021, we can work on any healing that we may need so we can move forward with strength, courage and wisdom!

I have been seeing people in person - if you are comfortable coming in person or I am able to offer zoom or distance reiki as well. I don't want anyone to feel alone or overly burdened waiting for this to all go away. We truly need to walk forward recognizing the things we have personal power of and find the grace to be among the stuff we do not control.

Our immune health isn't just about avoiding germs, we can actually do many things to build strong immune systems! Some things are reducing stress, not being in fear, having a sense of community, getting fresh air and ... empowering yourself with information! As a family over the last several years we have made changes to our health using functional, integrative, homeopathy and nutrition as a wholistic approach to our wellness. So for us, this pandemic has been much different than if we would have experienced this several years ago. The information and wisdom we have gained from other systems has been a true gift for us.

This past fall, I was supposed to be finishing my philosophy degree. I even transferred from UD to Rowan so I could expand my East Asian studies and many natural philosophies that their program offered ... well that changed given virtual school for the kids and so many restrictions we all had to function around. I am unsure of the future now for finishing, but I have not stopped seeking wisdom! I decided to invest in a small library for myself (hopefully passing it down to the kids one day). I have been thinking of several ways to contribute to our community and create wellbeing...

With that said, I would love to announce: I am starting a BOOK CLUB! I have assembled boxes of items promoting self-care along with a book for us to read and share our thoughts, perspectives, lessons etc with each other. With everything going on, I challenge us all to step out of the stress and introduce concepts, ideas, thoughts into our mind that can bring joy back to our every day! Our mind is a vital component to creating our reality. The more we entertain information that incites stress and fear, the more our mind and body will respond to that. So I encourage you to have more knowledge and ideas that benefit you floating around in your mind! Everyone experiences mind chatter from time to time, imagine developing the ability to slow it down or allow the chatter to be guidance and wisdom!

This first book is centered around a concept called ""wei wu wei" in Chinese, which can be translated to "effortless action". I have witnessed this in others and experienced myself this moment of doing something with such ease and having great accomplishment. Our culture here really encourages the concept of GRIT. I do believe we need grit, however not every occasion should we feel the need to go past our breaking point to achieve something. Sometimes, being able to walk away from a task will allow greater results once you come back to it. Wei wu wei is when we find the sweet spot of mental, physical and spiritual synchronicity so work is happening, yet it isn't hard and straining. Another important point is learning the difference of staying on the wrong path and struggling through it... "tough it out" and listening to divine guidance of "not your path" (redirection)... finding your path will be full of ease and balance.

I have selected items from small businesses to help support those that may have been impacted this year. This first book box is full of items that are meant to help promote true rest in the body. There will be a members only section on my website for discussions to take place and once the weather turns a bit warmer, hopefully we can all meet out at the park and share with one another! You are welcome to join as much as you like, or simply enjoy the book box and find quiet moments for you to take it all in!

Please reach out with any questions and to sign up! I have a limited number of spots for this first book! Also, feel free to share with any friends that may benefit! I am wishing everyone a very happy new year - let's find ways to make it amazing !!

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